10 Things That Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Do


Successful people have made a habit of having “To Do Lists.” They are organized and remember the things that they need to do. This helps them move forward and achieve their goals. Nevertheless, within this beneficial, ingenious, and effective habit, seldom are remembered the things that one should NOT DO, in order to be successful.

Successful Entrepreneurs, on the other hand acknowledge the significance, value and efficacy of a “NOT TO DO LIST.” They intentionally remember and utilize their “Not To Do Lists” along with their “To Do Lists” in order to achieve and render their success. There will always be something that comes in your way to slow you down on your way to success. Making the right choices and taking the right steps isn’t always enough, it’s what you don’t do that plays a key role. Here are 10 things that successful entrepreneurs don’t do, in order to achieve success.

1. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t say “I Will Try,” they say “I Will Do” or “I Won’t Do.” “I will Try” is not in their vocabulary, they have replaced it with “Do” or “Don’t Do.” Entrepreneurs are always crystal clear about their goals and vision. They don’t believe in “trying.” They don’t attempt, they act. They don’t hope to get something done, they get it done. Entrepreneurs are committed to bring anything they start to fruition. They are in the business of getting the job done!

2. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t pay attention to the noise around them, they only pay attention to the voice within them. Entrepreneurs are “Laser Focused” on what they want to accomplish in life. They don’t let anything slow them down. They don’t listen to the excess outside noise, they heed their intuition. Entrepreneurs believe in themselves and are confident in their abilities. They do not waver or are easily swayed. Their inner voice is always louder than the outside noise.

3. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t think that winning is everything, but they strive to win every time. For an Entrepreneur, being productive, proactive, and positive are more important than just winning. They want to add value to people along the way. Other people’s success is their success. They strive to be the best at everything they do. It’s how you win that matters versus simply winning.

4. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t wait for solutions, they create solutions. For any problem, an Entrepreneur will have multiple options and solutions. Problems are meant to be overcome. Entrepreneurs don’t believe in a box, or thinking inside, outside, or alongside of the box. We create our own boxes, our own boundaries, our own problems. Why shouldn’t we be able to eradicate them?

5. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t like to be micromanaged, they micromanage themselves. They live with a no-excuse mindset. They have high expectations for themselves and others. True Entrepreneurs hate procrastination; everything is done in a timely manner. They are self-disciplined; this is the most important characteristic of a successful Entrepreneur.

6. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t compete, they dominate. True Entrepreneurs don’t compete, they take charge, work hard to build a brand and take over any space they enter. They are charismatic leaders who set their sights on a destination, not on their competitors along the way. The future of Entrepreneurship will no longer be about competing, it will be about dominating.

7. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t say “Poor Me,” they say “Why Not Me?” True Entrepreneurs never pity themselves instead, they provoke themselves. They ask themselves these 4 famous questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? And, Why not now? Entrepreneurs see an opportunity in any and every circumstance and situation. They believe in themselves and know their own potential. True Entrepreneurs can turn any size coal into a diamond; they are refiners.

8. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t fear success, they expect success. The biggest fear is not the fear of failure, rather it is the fear of success. Success comes with great responsibility, dependability and expectations. Entrepreneurs understand the demands of success, and are not afraid. They make sure to deliver what is expected of them. Many people would rather dream of success, than to dive into the reality of success. Entrepreneurs work hard and always pay the price for their success. They fail often, yet they fail forward, until they succeed. They always expect to succeed and are prepared for it.

9. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t settle for mediocracy, they rise for excellence. They dream big, live big, and act big. Entrepreneurs recognize value in everyone and everything. They don’t want the ordinary, they excel to be extraordinary in all their endeavors. True Entrepreneurs practice intentional and consistent growth and get energized from it. They invest in themselves and don’t settle for less than remarkable. The standards you set for your self will become your norm; if you settle for mediocracy, then that will be your norm, if you rise for excellence, then that will be your norm.

10. Successful Entrepreneurs don’t tolerate Low LID Leadership, they promote LID Lifting. Entrepreneurs are in the business of perpetual growth. Their sights are set in the sky and dream to soar. They appreciate high levels of leadership and growth. A low LID diminishes any chance for such growth and leadership. The past, present, and future of entrepreneurship is and will always be about adding value to others. Successful Entrepreneurs are lid lifters; they lift LID in order to help others grow and add value to their lives, which in return blesses them many folds.

Have you found yourself relating to any of the 10 things that Successful Entrepreneurs DON’T DO? If so, then you are one step closer to making your entrepreneurial goals and dreams a reality. Now you must have realized why having a “To Do List” just isn’t enough. Like so many successful Entrepreneurs, do you have a “Not To Do List?” If so, what is on there? What will you not do in order to be successful? “Not-to-do” lists are often more effective than to-do lists for high performing entrepreneurs.

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