Leadership and Hope!


Proverbs 24:14 Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.

What is the meaning of HOPE for a true leader?
“A confident expectation and desire for something good in the future”
Hope for a leader is not only desires something good for the future; it expects it to happen. And it not only expects it to happen; it is confident that it will happen. There is a moral certainty that the good we expect and desire will be done.

Now what does “the full assurance of hope” mean for a leader? It means hope which is fully assured. Hope which is confident. Hope that has moral certainty in it. It is not finger-crossing hope.
It means that it’s going to happen!

Vineet Bansal has this nice poem about hope:

Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay
Hope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day

Hope is to remain positive when going gets tough
hope is seeking more when others think u had enough

What hope means

Hope is dreaming of tommorow
Hope is simmering under sorrow

Hope is sparkles when tears in our eyes
Hope is a beautiful thing & beutiful things never dies

What hope means

Hope is as light as a feather
Hope keeps all of us together

Hope is ubiquitous and free of cost
hope is the last thing ever lost…..

Great leaders always have HOPE and they give HOPE… One of my favorite quotes about leadership is from Napoleon: “Leaders are dealers in hope.”

Whoever you are, whatever the pattern of your life, whatever your roles, be a dealer in hope and start trading now!

Live with passion…and always live by HOPE!


1 Response to “Leadership and Hope!”

  1. 1 Nathan Nordquist September 10, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Farshad, thank you for taking the time to post this. It really spoke to me today and it was something I needed to hear. May God Bless you sir. I know you have overcome insurmountable odds in the past and your story and journey is something movies are made of. Keep shining the light.


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