Leadership Lessons from 9/11


The fight or flight instinct is one of our most basic survival tools. Everyone was running on 9/11. Most ran away from trouble. The heroes ran toward it. And the leaders helped others run in the most appropriate direction.

What does 9/11 teach us about leadership? I’ve found five compelling things:

1) Servant Leadership: The incredible selfless courage of first group of those responders to this unforgettable tragedy. They rushed into the twin towers even they knew they were risking their own lives.

2) Leaders must be willing to make sacrifices: They risked their lives in order to save the lives of others.

3) Leaders inspire by ACTION: Their noble acts commanded the admiration of the nation.

4) Great leaders put the needs of others first.

5) Leaders face unknown crises: Leaders lead by example in any circumstances. They clearly understand their core values and make the right decision based on those values.

We owe it to all those who died or lost loved ones that day, to be THE BEST leaders that we can be. The lesson is that we need all sorts of leaders: those that will lead others into harm’s way, those that will lead others out of harm’s way, and those that will lead the leaders. Whichever way you choose to lead, remember that everything communicates: what you say, what you do, what you don’t say, what you don’t do, and which way you run.

Live with passion!

~Farshad Asl


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    Leadership Lessons from 9/11


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